Therapy Practice testimonials

“Originally, we sought out Jennifer to address a desire discrepancy we had been struggling with for well over a year. Sex therapy was a concept we were not familiar with, and prior to starting, we had differing perspectives on whether or not it would be effective. Between the two of us, we shared a mix of fear, excitement, skepticism, and hope. That said, our uncertainty abated as soon as we called Jennifer to inquire about meeting with her. She seemed to connect immediately with our situation. From that first conversation, it was clear that she genuinely wanted to help.

Throughout the course of our time with Jennifer, we learned more about ourselves and our relationship than we could have ever imagined. She helped us see that the one particular outcome we were focused on was just a small part of a bigger picture. By steering our conversations in certain directions, Jennifer provided us with greater awareness of our personal beliefs and emotions and how they impacted our relationship. We are now stronger as individuals and together, and our relationship continues to grow in ways we never knew were possible. Ultimately, our success was a result of our being open to the process, but we are confident that Jennifer brought us where we needed to go.

At baseline, Jennifer has an exceptional ability to understand people and make them feel comfortable. She worked hard to familiarize herself with all aspects of our unique situation, and it was easy to see that she was always listening, constantly thinking, and continually making meaningful connections. Not only is she down to earth and approachable, but she is also incredibly insightful and sharp. It takes a very special person to be able to do what Jennifer does. Her work deals with the most intimate aspect of peoples’ lives, and she handles every moment with respect and poise.

We are tremendously thankful to have crossed paths with Jennifer. Working with her was a gift we will always treasure.”
– D and D 2014

“I was extremely hesitant to call a sex therapist. What man wants to admit they can’t perform like they used to?! I have been happily married for 26 years so I just kept thinking, “why can’t I just get over my sudden sexual anxiety on my own?” After struggling with nerve racking anxiety for over 3 years I made one of the hardest but best phone calls of my life. Jennifer Wiessner helped me work through my sex life crippling anxiety, an emotional problem that had become much bigger than just in the bedroom, assisting me to realize that the problem was between my ears not between my legs. She was kind, understanding, and firm yet never judgmental as we worked through my anxiety so I could once again make love to my wife and love my life. I can’t thank her enough!
– Happily Married Husband for 26 Years (8/2015)

Working with Jennifer was a life healing & altering experience. Meeting her just prior to a cancer diagnosis and working with her through treatments and beyond was truly a blessing for me & my family in many ways. I already had complex PTSD when I met her and in reflection I can’t imagine how I could have accomplished all I did in my life without her expertise, training as well as professionalism, compassion & insight. I highly recommended Jennifer to anyone who’s looking to truly grow in their emotional life.
-CSG Yarmouth Maine (8/2016)

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for everything you have done for both — and for me.  We continue to work hard, but are still together in large part to all of the help and kindness you have given to us. We both wanted you to know that we were recently on vacation and took a major step back to the relationship that we both want with each other. While awkward and intimidating it was also beautiful and wonderful. We are enjoying each other more and more each day. Thank you for everything you have done for us. We very much both appreciate your work and you as a person. Thank you!  

-Couple from Cumberland (May 5, 2017)

It was truly a pleasure meeting with you. It was definitely a very valuable session for us: we were all so impressed by your insightful and helpful guidance, and very grateful to have someone here in Maine who is as aware of alternative family structures and ethical non-monogamy as you are.  It’s a huge relief to have access to someone so expert in and unfazed by our approach to family and marriage: we wish there were more professionals as well-educated in this arena as you are! As we move toward filing for divorce, we will be looking carefully at the notes we took at our session to think about how to talk to our children throughout the process. We will certainly take you up on the kind offer for a quick clarification or further session if we run into anything we can’t solve ourselves.

Triad seeking consultation (April 2017)

Seeking Jennifer was not because we wanted to figure out if we loved each other. Love was not the question, our ability to see and hear each other had become so strained that connection was seeming impossible. Lack of desire, being desired, (mis) communication, affection, all balled up with family obligations and a dash of resentment and we were feeling like a hot mess. We found Jennifer and while there was skepticism and an unsettled feeling attending sessions at first, there was a willingness to grow or at least for things to be different.

It wasn’t always easy but Jennifer helped us shift our perspectives. She helped us create space so we could see each other. She helped facilitate conversations that were challenging while creating a safe space. She helped us find connection in autonomy, and intimacy in more than just the bedroom.

Our marriage has never been this healthy, our sex life has never been this fulfilling and our communication continues to grow from the foundation that Jennifer helped us build.

Life gets lifey and things come up but we have the tools to recover along with resiliency and trust now built into our marriage. We are so very grateful to have found Jennifer and appreciate the work she is doing. We can not thank her enough. We literally can’t imagine where we would be without her and the work she is dedicated to. We would never have imagined we could be where we are now. Thriving.

-K and R 2017

Your guidance and toolkit of self-reflection allowed me to appreciate and accept that there was rarely a consistent and sustaining level of air that met my personal needs. For me to be able to understand and accept my own needs is a gift that you have given me and one that is going to make the rest of my life incredible. You helped me accept the fact that I am worthy of having needs in a relationship, and that having needs is not a sign of weakness. This is a gift of self-reflection and you created a safe space for me to be truly vulnerable and to learn how to start to enjoy change and understand how that feels again, so I embrace it in my life. I want you to know that you have been a hugely important part of that journey for me and that I will forever be in your debt for your empathy, guidance, humor and open mind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-D from South Portland, Maine 2018