RSHC workshop testimonials

Raising Sexually Healthy Children workshop testimonials

“This workshop gave a great framework for what and how we should be discussing sex and sexuality with our kids.” -Highly Appreciative Dad, Yarmouth, ME 5/21/15

“As a family doctor, Jennifer’s workshop has taught me more about sexual development than any of my medical training. Every parent and clinician will benefit from her class!” – Dr. Catherine Krouse of Lotus Family Practice 6/11/15

“The workshop helped me to realize that I needed to catch up with my child!” – SG, Freeport 9/17/15

“Empowering, Informative! This gives me hope for the generations to come! I am so thankful you are doing this work, Jennifer!” – Therapist and participant at 10/21/15 workshop

“Very validating…wonderful workshop! Now my husband and I have heard the same message and are ready to build on conversations with our child!” -Participant at 2/10/16 workshop

“It was comprehensive and well done. You have outstanding presentation skills.” – Dad at 2/10/16 workshop

“Provided such helpful information on how to begin and continue open and comfortable conversations around sex and bodies.” -J. Higgins. So. Portland 3/24/16

“So liberating! This is exactly what I needed to know and it sits so well with my parenting style.” -EG 3/24/16

“When thinking about talking about sex to my child, I feel uncomfortable. I wanted to take a step to start to move past this. Thank you for all your work to help normalize this topic for parents and children.” – Mom of 3 year-old 4/14/16

“Amazing…I Really appreciate that you included gay couples in all discussions. Very refreshing. – MJ- 4/14/16

“I like the way you had sample guidelines and repeated them often” – mom of 9 year-old 5/5/16

“I’m not as fearful of what my child may ask, I feel more prepared. This workshop put more urgency into me discussing sex and sexuality with him. – mom of 7 year-old 5/5/16

“The workshop with Jen was just what my family needed. We knew our two young boys (ages 4 & 7) were curious, yet they were not asking any questions and we were not telling them much on the topic of sex and relationships. We were not sure where to start or what was appropriate for them to hear at their ages. Nor did we want to have a traditional “birds and the bees” talk with our sons.

Rather, the workshop empowered us to answer our oldest son’s questions in a clear and honest way that was appropriate for a 7 year old. We feel we are ready for other questions he may be thinking to ask us instead of shying away because we might have been unsure of how to answer or just maybe uncomfortable ourselves. Instead we can now show him the respect he deserves, and honor the courage it took for him to ask the questions, by giving him the honest answers.

The added supplemental readings by Robie Harris have encouraged our oldest son to ask a lot more questions. He knows now we will, and can answer him with without feeling nervous or confused about what the answers should be. He enjoys these books so much that he reads them on his own and even passed up Harry Potter for 2 nights in a row in order to read more!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jen!” – Jill (April 2016 workshop)

“This should be mandatory, NO kidding” – BCS, Cumberland (From Otto’s DADs only workshop 5/14/16)

“This was a terrific session with a very supportive environment” – a dad (From Otto’s DADs only workshop 5/14/16)

“Jennifer’s workshop is a must for the modern-day dad. The material will better prepare you to have those ‘must have’ conversations with your kids and bring you closer to them at the same time. Jennifer’s presentation style was the right blend of clinical and colloquial.”– Chad Higgins, Yarmouth, ME (Otto’s DADs Only workshop 5/14/16)

Loved the opportunity to hear and share real experiences. I loved the sample scripts. – parent of a 2 year-old (5/19/16 workshop)

Great presenter; clear, personable, honest and humble. The personal anecdotes were helpful. – Mom to a 3 year-old daughter (5/19/16 workshop)

The workshop is wonderful! I really loved how it focused on the importance of respecting our children! Respect and empower! – Mom to 6 and 8 year-old children (5/19/16 workshop)

“It made a tricky topic fun and I’m excited to talk to my kids!” – SL from Bowdoin, ME (5/21/16 workshop)

“Very professional; it took the edge off of the subject and fear of bringing it up.” – Parent of 9 and 11 year- old (5/21/16 workshop)

“A great way to normalize a conversation our society tries to make abnormal.” – Pat Sanders (6/26/16 workshop)

“I feel like this is one of the most important thing I could do for my kids.” – KP, Portland (7/13/16 private party )workshop)

“I feel so much better prepared to have open, positive, empowering conversation about sexuality with my daughter as she grows. – parent (7/13/16 private party workshop)

Presenter was “very soothing regarding acknowledging diversity in the room and also the prevalence of past negative experience and discomfort with expression.” “I feel I received some concrete tools for addressing sexuality clearheadedly.” -Parent (7/13/16 private party workshop)

“Great combination of hiting the highlights of the slide show and anecdotal dyads that make it real.” – Parent (7/13/16 private party workshop)

“I got so much out of this workshop to take home and take action.” – Parent of 2.5 and 5 yr. old children (7/21/16 private party workshop)

“Jennifer leads a safe space for parents to learn how to connect with their children and themselves about concepts and understanding of the importance of sex, sexuality and all that lies beyond.” – Cate Gaynor, Portland. (7/21/16 private party workshop)

“Jennifer was a safe space to learn, ask questions and approached topics and themes that aren’t always easy to talk about.” “Really helpful, great layout and clear agenda.” – Jill, mom to 2 and 3.5 yr. old children (7/21/16 private party workshop)

“I feel more empowered to respond with calm/cool/confident thoughts. Extremely educational. The environment was awesome” -J.E.S. Dad to 14, 5, 4, 2 year old children (8/4/16 in-office workshop)

“I feel more prepared and confident. Felt like I was fumbling before. Excellent!!! Great environment to make everyone comfortable.” – Mom to 5 and 2 year old (8/4/16 in-office workshop)

“I feel like I now have permission to talk with my daughter about her body in a more empowering way and with more confidence. I discovered from the workshop that it is never too soon to start.” -DKJ, Cumberland, ME (8/4/16 in-office workshop)

“This workshop was immediately helpful and gave me solid building blocks to feel better prepared to parent my young children and guide them through this area. This is important education I wish I had had even when I was pregnant, along taking with childbirth classes, to be equipped with the information needed ahead of time. The environment was so comfortable and the style was spot on for this topic. Thank you!” -Mom to 5 and 2 year old (8/4/16 in-office workshop)

Jennifer even had information regarding infants. It really does start as soon as they are born! Jennifer is informative and her comfortable and humorous approach is perfect for this type of atmosphere. – Mom to 9 month old (10/6/16 in-office workshop)

Such a great workshop. This offered me insight, strategies and ideas for talking openly with my boys. – Mom to boys ages 6 and 4 years (10/6/16 in-office workshop)

This class is incredibly helpful. It gave me both big concepts and specific tools to use with my kids. And it was super fun! – B.V. Dad to kids ages 7 and 5 years in Yarmouth (10/6/16 in-office workshop)

Empowering, inspirational, clarifying. Greatful for ideas and scripts. – C.W. Mother to age 9 years (11/17/16 in-office workshop)

Outstanding! Very well presented. Fun and tons of helpful information. – Therapist with adult children (11/17/16 in-office workshop)

This is an eye opening, resource building evening that left me light years ahead in my comfort with this topic and my kids. – Dad of a tween and teen (11/17/16 in office workshop)

Priceless Education in a changing world! Learn the difference between sex and sexuality, and how you can convey to your children that this can be a wonderful part of their lives. This is a real game changer from what most of us received in sex education. Be the change you want to see in the world and participate in teaching your children the things we wish we had known then.

There are many things that can be hard to talk to our children about, but talking about sexuality is hard even for most adults. Taking Jennifer Wiessner’s Raising Sexually Healthy Children class is an opportunity to take responsibility for your child’s education, comfort, self esteem and acceptance around a topic that many of us did not receive. Jennifer is warm, funny, and open minded. When it comes to her facilitation…ask and you shall receive! She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic! I love talking about sex, and now I think I can love it more with the young people in my life.

-Kellie Ryan (sex educator and step parent) November 2016

Your expertise, delivery, connection with parents, and approach to the topic were all much appreciated by everyone.

-School Administrator and parent (January 2017)

“Jennifer is a truly dynamic and wonderful speaker. We invited her to our office to lead local parents in a discussion about raising sexually healthy children. Jennifer is able to deliver this material with the perfect amount of confidence, humor and sincerity. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and included. It is evident that she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering others with education.”

– Meghann M. Dombroski, DMD, MPH, Mbrace Orthodontics and Assistant Clinical Professor, University of New England College of Dental Medicine (Mbrace grand opening public speaking event January 12, 2017)

well organized and well planned. I was amazed at how much you fit in. It was awesome! It was a great workshop that gives concrete information on how to handle a tough subject. I feel so much more equipped to deal with the coming years of puberty! Thank you!

Parent attendee at private workshop party in Newcastle (January 19, 2017)

Every parent should be comfortable talking about sex with their kids. Jennifer is a fantastic resource.

JM, Newcastle (January 19, 2017)

I came in with specific questions but I was exposed to much more. It made me realize how much there is to know. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel prepared to go forth and continue educating myself and my partner. –Sarah, Portland (January 26, 2017)

The workshop was extremely helpful and has started me down a great path to get more educated and more  comfortable. –attendee (January 26, 2017)

This was really helpful-I’m hoping my husband will come, too! –SH, Falmouth (January 26, 2017)

I needed this! I now know how important it is to begin talking with my kids early and frequently and not to be afraid to make mistakes. AM (March 3, 2017)

Love the resources/links for dads specifically. I find that there’s tons of ‘pinterest-y’ mom sites out there and not always so much stuff for dads. -Dad (March 3, 2017)

Thank you for an interesting, informative and fun evening! I left very inspired -and I still am! – Mom (private  “village-style” workshop in So. Portland, April 6, 2017)

 This workshop (9-14 years) was so helpful with strategies to feel confident/comfortable with both personalities of our kids. The workshop was excellent in organization, structure, content and knowledge. I really think you have a well-oiled presentation! It was invaluable in our world today! Incredibly important to empower yourself and your children! – Anonymous Mom in  Cumberland (May 11, 2017)

Loved it, thank you! This workshop gives you a framework and language to make sex conversations easier! – Mom and therapist attendee (May 11, 2017)

Great tips and skills to help us raise our children. Open dialogue makes it easy to discuss some tough topics in a very comfortable setting. – Parent attendee (May 11, 2017)

I told my kids that you were coming over to teach us how to be better mommys and daddys…and you have.  Our community is incredibly lucky to have your knowledge, leadership and energy.  I am forever grateful to you for opening my eyes to a topic that was never addressed in my childhood. – Carolyn, Cumberland  (May 18, 2017)

You are a fantastic presenter-kept the topics flowing with good interaction and humor. Awesome resources. – Attendee (May 18, 2017 private house party)

I work in the area of sexual assault response and prevention. Early education about healthy sexual relationships is critical to preventing sexual violence in later years. For parents looking to teach their children how to form healthy relationships and have healthy attitudes about sex, Jennifer’s training was one of the best I have attended. – Kai (May 18, 2017) 

Your comfort and relaxed manner allowed us to be as well. – Attendee (May 18, 2017 house party)

I wish it were longer! This workshop was so great and gave me some good things to think about in talking with my  children. – Attendee (May 20, 2017 Bay School, Blue Hill, ME parent event)

I felt validated that I have the answers and its about feeling confident.– Attendee (May 20, 2017 Bay School, Blue Hill, ME parent event)

The tools offered in the workshop will be helpful conversation starters. Great topics-I had no idea how many ways the subjects could be broken down. Happy to have the handouts and resource lists. The opening was open and encouraging. Since our child doesn’t ask many questions, I had no idea how to discuss sex and sexuality. This workshop gave me great tools and resources for initiating these conversations. – J.T. (May 20, 2017 Bay School, Blue Hill, ME parent event)

I love the material and wish it could be available to all the parents I work with.– Attendee (May 20, 2017 Bay School, Blue Hill, ME parent event)

This was an excellent workshop; thorough, engaging and funny! – E.D. (May 20, 2017 Bay School, Blue Hill, ME parent event)

Informative, reassuring, encouraging and valuable. – MBD, Bar Harbor (May 20, 2017 Bay School, Blue Hill, ME parent event)

Thank you so much! A beautifully presented and invaluable offering. – Attendee (May 20, 2017 Bay School, Blue Hill, ME parent event)

This workshop helped me wrap my head around how I will talk with my girls! – Attendee (June 8, 2017 in office private party 9-14 years workshop)

I thought it was great. I could have stayed for two more hours. What a fun and informative workshop!   – Attendee (June 8, 2017 in office private party 9-14 years workshop)

Loved the handout and ability to refer to it at home. – Attendee (June 8, 2017 in office private party 9-14 years workshop)

The information was very clear and age appropriate. Jennifer was fantastic and created a very open environment to discuss the topics at hand with a healthy sense of humor.- Attendee (June 14, 2017 private workshop)

Jen makes talking to your children about sex and sexuality easy. – A.E. (June 14, 2017 private workshop)

Great info. Got so much info in a clear, concise and fun way! – Attendee (June 14, 2017 private workshop)

I am much more comfortable on the micro and macro level after attending the workshop. Having a powerpoint gave a general framework to our conversation but we were able to ask more specific questions as needed. This was a great primer to start our longer strategy from. The workshop was fun and funny. I even enjoyed the bigger groups setting for the workshop more than I thought I would. It was comfortable and comforting to hear other parents who were thinking about the same things we were. I especially appreciated the introductory framing about how many of us associate “shame” with sexuality. As a grown woman in a healthy, loving marriage partnership, I hadn’t really applied that filter to the early years of development. It was very helpful to think back to my own experiences and underscored how I want to provide a better space for dialogue with my kids. I think this workshop has laid that foundation for us and I am very grateful for that. – Attendee of kiddos ages 6 and 3 years (June 14, 2017 private birth-8 years workshop)

I loved the straightforward but caring approach. I thought it was terrific-freeing. Jennifer gives great tools to acknowledge our own discomfort/fears/hopes around sexuality and how to engage and support our children in learning and experiencing healthy sexuality. – Attendee with twins (June 29, 2017 private workshop 9-14 years)

This workshop helped get my husband and I on the same page to tackle this important subject. It is still anxiety-provoking but I feel I have good tools to use. – Attendee from North Yarmouth (June 29, 2017 private workshop 9-14 years)

This was so helpful to attend with my spouse. -Attendee  (June 29, 2017 private workshop 9-14 years)

Just like my kids, I need to hear these messages repeatedly to make it more natural. -Mom (September 28, 2017 private workshop for 9-14 years)

Much more comfortable! Before the workshop, I wasn’t sure where to start. -Mom (September 28, 2017 private workshop for 9-14 years)

I liked the scripts. Jenn is an engaging speaker with ideas on dialogue without shame. She uses real-life examples to tackle a difficult topic. -Mom (September 28, 2017 private workshop for 9-14 years)

Jennifer does a great job putting people at ease, discussing their hopes and fears about their children’s budding sexuality. She provides lots of resources for ongoing learning and more importantly provides actual practice time in class to “try on” being more open with kids about having important conversations with kids about sex.  – Mom to 8 year old twins (January 25, 2018 in-office workshop for 9-14 years)

Wonderful, thank you! Can we have more! The workshop is essential for every parent. The information is thoughtful, useful and easy to implement. – GC Jordaan, Cumberland (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

I love that all of the talk focused on calm conveyance of facts and no shame or judgment.                – Anonymous (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

I am still nervous but feel more empowered now b/c I have language, resources and a tool kit. Fantastic information to support me during the challenges of parenting . So wonderful to build my took kit. – Anonymous (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

Very comfortable, open discussion. Excellent workshop to explore sexuality and how to discuss it with your children. – MD, Scarborough (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

Jennifer was fantastic and I will highly recommend her to friends! -KP, Portland (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

I would highly recommend Jennifer’s workshop to parents of all ages. Fun and informative!              – Anonymous (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

It was a comfortable setting and great group of people. There was a lot of great information. Jennifer has a great way about her and she approaches the subject of sexual health in a comfortable way. – Anonymous (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

SO great, generous, funny informative – and excellent teacher. Give your children the toolbox they need to navigate their own sexuality with confidence. This class is incredible. – Dena, Portland (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

The workshop was informative and fun. The environment was warm and welcoming. I came away from the workshop with tangible ideas. I’m looking forward to applying it. – Anonymous (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)

Jennifer is approachable and easy to learn from. I left feeling like I learned things I didn’t know even know I didn’t know. – Anonymous (February 1, 2018 in-office workshop for birth-8 years)