Professional workshop testimonials

Sexuality Across The Lifespan: How Social Workers and Therapists Can Support Sexual Health in the Clients They Serve

This NASW-Maine workshop on 10/2/15 educated social workers on the importance of sexual health on the overall satisfaction and well-being of the people they serve from cradle to the grave. Therapists learned what they can do to support communication and dialogue with their clients about sexuality. 3 CEU’s were offered for social workers at Scarborough Public Library.

Jennifer plans to present this workshop in 2017. If you are interested, please contact her.


Feedback from professional attendees:

“The workshop was well presented with clear explanations. I liked the encouragement for the attendees to participate.”

“Vital material, beautifully presented!”

“Professional, insightful”


Sex Week at University of New England Medical School 2/25/16

Presentation to second and third year medical students on the importance of sexual health to medical professionals and their patients


Feedback from attendees:

“Jennifer does an incredible job of keeping her audience involved and entertained while endorsing a sex-positive attitude that makes you want to get on her level. Thank you again for coming this year! You’re certainly one of our favorite people to have come and teach us a little something. I hope our first years will continue the tradition of having you be one of the guest speakers here during sexual health week.” – workshop organizer and student


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