Private parent consultations

Jennifer has a passion for empowering parents through open discussion and education to empower their children to feel positively about their bodies and sexuality.

If you are uncertain where to begin with your child or children from from birth to 17 years, I am here to help. I gather preliminary information from you and then we meet for 75 minutes in person, via Skype or on the phone to personally address your questions and concerns. You will then be sent on your way with what you need to feel more competent on how to support your child’s healthy sexuality.

Common issues parents seek assistance with are:

  • How much information to give and at what age
  • How to communicate sexuality without introducing shame
  • Talking about masturbation
  • Consent
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Dating
  • Issues with digital citizenship, texting, social media
  • Specific concerns about what is sexually healthy developmentally
  • Concerns about co-parenting around sexuality where there are differences in culture, religion or values


Contact me for the rates and availability