Private parent consultations testimonials

Private Parent Sexuality Education Testimonials

“Wow, thank you so much for your time last night. We had a lot of talk on the way back home and both feel tremendous gratitude for having been able to reflect on your pre-appointment questions, discuss every relevant issue and benefit from your wisdom and resources moving forward; all from a one time consultation. As my wife said on the way home, ‘it is so good to know we have Jennifer as a resource if needed in the years ahead.’ Thank you so much!” – R and D, parents of 13 year-old daughter 8/2016

As a parent of a pre-teen, it has been a great experience to have Jennifer Wiessner’s council and advice right here in our community. She answers those “tough growing up” questions with concern, professionalism, and at the same time holds the parent/child relationship in perfect balance. Jennifer is not afraid to tell parents what is normal, and not normal behavior, while at the same time providing suggestions for approaching the pre-teen years with wisdom, understanding and respect.

As a parent, Jennifer has given me confidence to approach my child with a perspective that is reasonable and sensible. She has helped me present my child with a plan and behavior pattern that encourages my child to be a good citizen in her community, while at the same time providing the necessary space for my child to evaluate and grow.

Her empathy for our children, and us as parents is palatable. What a gem she is.

-Anonymous parent of a female pre-teen 2016