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Catching Health with Diane Atwood podcast (An interview with Jennifer Wiessner, LCSW, CST on Raising Sexually Healthy Children birth-8 years)

Consent Builds Healthy Sexuality by Anna E. Jordan (interview in Maine Women Magazine with Jennifer Wiessner 7/26/17)

Consent builds healthy sexuality

Issues That Matter show April 2017. Raising Sexually Healthy Children








Fearless Parent Radio – Raising Sex-Healthy Kids – 08.12.15

Raising Sex-Healthy Kids

Guest:  Jennifer Wiessner, LCSW, AASECT
Host:    Carla Atherton

Sex ed. Those two words are enough to have many of us running for the hills. Fall in, parents! Kids are consuming more media than ever before and the not-so-hidden messaging about sex is everywhere. Hate to break it to you but sex education is important for children BEFORE their school’s typical initiation in fifth grade. The good news is, it’s easier to talk about sex when children are younger. Legions of parents can tell you what happens if you wait too long — the never ending eye roll isn’t the half of it.

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TV Interview:  Open forum for women confronts election stress


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What it Means to Be an “Askable” Parent: A Primer on Sex Positive Parenting


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An Introduction to Sex Therapy Part 1



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An introduction to Sex Therapy Part 2


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What Elementary School Kids Should Know About Sex

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Your Burning Questions About Kids, Sex and Bodies

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Sex Therapy and how I got to my passion

Maine Women Magazine Cover Article

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The changes and challenges of sex as women age

Maine Women Magazine Cover Article

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Day in the Life of a Sex Therapist by Jennifer Wiessner

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