Couples Therapy

Jennifer sees couples (and intimately connected groups) of any configuration and gender who are seeking to improve their relationship, communication and work on nurturing sexual intimacy.

Couples work, like running a business, requires significant investment with frequent deposits to keep it running well. When the withdrawals exceed the investments, relationships like businesses begin to fail.

Jennifer’s approach is influenced by the work of Esther Perel, Terry Real, Marty Klein, Barry McCarthy, David Snarch, Gina Ogden, Tammy Nelson, Harville Hendrix and modalities such as Internal Family Systems, relationship mindfulness and many others. The work we do can involve talk therapy augmented by dynamic experiential exercises and possible referrals to other appropriate providers. Because every couple’s needs are unique, my approach is carefully chosen to best meet those needs. Therapy is a collaboration between therapist and client. I believe in a functional approach to life and my work; that the answers to life’s questions are within each of us. It is my mission to help you source those answers from within.

I share with new clients that 80% of the therapeutic work is done outside of my office. It is the day to day awareness brought to the successes and concerns of the couple where the work takes place and change is made.

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