About Jennifer

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and certified Sex Therapist with a strong history working with adolescents, couples and families.

Jennifer Wiessner

When certified as a sex Therapist in 2012 through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, I held the distinction of being the only FEMALE certified sex therapist in the state of Maine. Maine now currently has five sex therapists.

Since moving to Maine in 2005, my focus and training has been in Sex Therapy, couples therapy and healthy and positive sex education. I believe that the added roles and responsibilities taken on by men and women today are giving rise to added stress, marital concerns, depression and anxiety causing struggles within relationships. My expertise also extends to helping women and their partner’s cope with medical complications such as infertility, cancer and managing illness and their affects on sexuality.

Clients with sexuality concerns, sexual dysfunction and pain, gender identity issues, sexual interest questions, fetishes and general relationship and intimacy issues are welcome. Kink and Poly aware therapist.

Jennifer offers:

  • Sexual health education sessions for parents of children birth-17 years who wish to have guidance with how to encourage positive and responsible sexual health behaviors and attitudes.
  • Raising Sexually Healthy Children workshops for parents, educators and providers of children birth-14 years. Monthly in-office workshops or “village” style workshop-learn with your friends or colleagues in your space to create a safety net for your kids and their friends. Jennifer has  been trained in Maine Family Planning’s Best Practices for STI and Pregnancy Prevention 2017 for middle school and high school youth.
  • Private 75 minute healthy sexuality consultations for parents to have all of your questions/concerns addressed specifically tailored to your and your child’s needs.
  • Physician, medical school and provider consultations to improve patient outcomes through sexual health awareness, proficiency and to ensure best practices with patients relating to sexual health.
  • The Consortium for Sexual Health and Wellness: Jennifer is a co-founder with four other Maine sex therapists. The Consortium’s mission is to provide learning and networking opportunities to professionals and disseminate healthy and sex-positive learning opportunities for the public. More information to come in 2017.